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 The design and publishing of simple but twisted, fun abstract strategy board games, dice games and competitive solitaire card and coaster games.
Games Above Board
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…  2-player abstract strategy board game of concentration, placement and points accumulation ~ with but a single rule.

Only one rule and yet the game has a deceptive depth to it and rewards
players who concentrate on the constantly evolving state of the board.
The combinations and permutations this one rule can create, make
it a complex challenge and you will become addicted to the shifting
possibilities as each play opens up literally new dimensions to play.

  Components:  game board, 35 blue and 35 yellow stones + pouch
+ instructions

  For 2 players age 10+ / approx. 30 minutes

  Games Above Board designed and published

  published by Great American Trading Company - USA

published by Ducosim 2012 - Netherlands

  1996 Games Magazine Top 100 - USA

  2006 Spiel Gut Recommendation - Germany

  Hijara™  game rules available upon request ...


Hijara II

                                              50-page notepad and 2 pens …
                                                ideal for travel.

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Go head to head with this original strategy game that is so easy to learn and fun to play.

The object of Hijara is to accumulate points by forming number patterns on the board
while stopping your opponent from doing the same.

  published by Sterling Games  -  Hong Kong

​The game Hijara
has a
board of 16 squares, divided into 4 squares ~
each numbered 1 through 4 from the numeral system, known
in Europe and the Americas as
"Arabic nume
rals", introduced to Europe in the tenth century by the Arabs of North Africa. 
Europeans did not know that the numerals' roots were in ancient India where they were developed by Indian mathematicians.
oday, they are the most common symbolic representation of numbers throughout the world.

The word hijara is Arabic for small stones....
Players each have 32 small
stones and take turns placing them, one at a time, on any square on the board.
The one and only rule is - stones must be placed in any of the numbered squares in numerical order - i.e.
the lowest-numbered open section.
So, for every square, the first stone must be on the 1, second on the 2, etc.

Start with an empty board, end with a full board ... with 3 way
s to score points:

  10 points
- 4 same-colour stones on 4 numbers of a kind in a row - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally or, in the 4 corner squares
  15 points
- 4 same-colour stones in numerical sequence  (i.e. 1-2-3-4) - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally or, in the 4 corner squares
  20 points
- 4 same-colour stones in one square

Squares need not be completed prior to starting other squares.

Points are scored throughout the ga
me, overlooked points are forfeited and the game is over when the last small stone is placed.
Then, by comparing totals, the player with the most points is the winner of the game.

is a 3-D game on a 2-D board and always a challenge as no two games are alike and, it pays to pay attention.

game launch by Yale Gordon of
Great American Trading Co.,
New York Toy Fair 02/13/1995