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Dead Man's Dice

… the original dice game of piracy, luck and tactics  ~  pirates plunder and pile up their
A hearty warning, greed may cause you to become marooned.

Roll the bones and face your fate but beware the Jolly Roger.

Avast there, swabs take turns to roll 1 of their 3 dice, pile up their doubloons (for points)
and plunder the other pirates.

Firing a broadside and blowing an opponent out of the water may be a life-saver but beware
the die with a skull and crossbones in place of the 1-pip ... it may be your downfall and you
will  walk the plank.

  Played in rounds - the first to score 100 wins.

• Designed and published for  2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 scurvy sea-dogs by Games Above Board

  Includes:  6 Jolly Roger and 12 regular dice + rules +
pencil + score pad + Dead Man's Dice Bandanna

• Age 7+ / approx. 20 minutes

• Dead Man's Dice game rules available upon request ...

Dead Man's Dice with Bandana


                                             Dead Man's Dice

                                                            •Brand:  Games Above Board
                                                            •  Colour:  black with skull wearing eyepatch and red bandana with crossed flintlock pistols
                                                            •  Material:  100% cotton
                                                            •  Size:  26” x 26” / 66cm x 66cm
                                                            •  Machine-washable
                                                            •  Made in China printed in U.S.A.


                                                          These bandanas were created to complement the game Dead Man’s Dice
esigned by Games Above Board, they have the game name and logo printed on them.

Dead Man's Dice T-Shirts

Brand:  The Mountain
  Color:  black
  ​with skull wearing eye-patch and red bandana with crossed flintlock pistols
  Material:  100% cotton
  Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large & Extra-Large (S, M, L, XL) ...
Please state size(s) required
  Dyed and printed in U.S.A., assembled in Mexico, finished in U.S.A.

  $12.95 + $3.00 S&... PayPal:  gamesaboveboard @

  Skull and pistols graphic by David Penfound  -  UK

These T-shirts were created to complement the game Dead Man’s Dice

Designed by Games Above Board they have the name and logos of Games Above Board and Giseh Verlag (German game distributor) in small white print on the back.

                                                                               •Dead Man's Dice™ ...  for 2 bold buccaneers.

                                                                               Stack your dice and plunder your opponent’s dice by matching like numbers,
                                                                               numbers in succession or sums of 7.

                                                                               Roll a Jolly Roger and double your points to seal a victory.

  published by Channel Craft  -  USA

                                                                           •  Includes:  2 Jolly Roger & 4 regular dice + rules + bag

                                                                           •  $6.00 + $2.00 S&H ... PayPal: gamesaboveboard @

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